Shanghai Shenhong Jinhui Import & Export Co.,Ltd

Technical Department

We make full use of our technical strength to offer reasonable and customer-oriented designs of plywood production lines. We carefully select products having the best quality and rational design from dozens of similar manufacturers to form a product portfolio; then we will recommend the most suitable products according to customer needs and provide the corresponding customer-specific machinery. We constantly look for cutting-edge products manufactured in China and select the best products meeting the needs of our customers.

Quality Control Department

We have a third-party quality control team independent of manufacturers and end users.  They irregularly carry out on-site inspection on the products of our cooperative suppliers so as to ensure consistently high product quality.

After-sales Service Department

In order to provide excellent after-sales service for overseas customers, our members of service department not only know well about the performance and usages of wood processing equipment, but also can have barrier-free on-site communication with customers in English or Spanish. Our engineers have traveled to Indonesia, Malaysia,   Argentina mention, Ecuador and other countries to provide equipment installation and technical guidance for local customers.
After-Sale Service Hotline: