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Hot platen
    Publish time 2017-09-07 17:07    

Hot platen for plywood press is used to drill and groove on the thick steel plate to form an air channel, enabling the steam or heat transfer oil to circulate inside so as to heat the steel plate and dry the plywood. The quality of hot press platen is important to the service live of hot press and the surface quality of plywood panel.

Shenhong Jinhui’s hot platen is made using premium steel material and the technologies of CNC milling and grinding: therefore, it has good flatness. The CNC controlled grooving and drilling guarantee the precision of plywood panels. We provided customized hot platen for a customer from India in 2010 and they were very pleased to our products; our detail cooperation is on the page of “client cases”


As a specialized hot platen supplier, we not only supply hot platen for plywood press, but also can customize curved-surface hot platen and special hot platen used for rubber products, water treating equipment, circuit board, etc. according to customer needs. Please contact us for more details!


Regular Sections

Plywood Industrial:

1. 1370*2700*42 mm

2. 1370*2700*52 mm

3. 1350*2600*45 mm

4. 1370*3300*52 mm

Rubber Industrial:

1. 2000*12000*65 mm

2. 2200*12500*80 mm


1. Allowable Parallelism Difference: 0.05+ (0.05/1000)*L

2. Allowable Flatness Difference: 0.05+ (0.05/1000)*L

3. Surface Roughness: Ra 1.6 (Normal Grinding Finished)

4. Press Test: Hydraulic Press<= 30 KG/CM2, No Leakage

5. Steam Temperature Measurement: Temperature Difference 3 0C

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