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Veneer Lathe (spindle-less) (Spindle less Rotary Machine)
    Publish time 2018-01-25 14:58    

This machine is one of the main equipment of plywood manufactories. It is mainly used to peel the undersized log and wood core after peeled by the spindle veneer lather (spindle rotary machine). Spindle-less veneer lathe has its PLC configured with safe and reliable Japanese Mitsubishi parts and CCC certified electronic elements. It can be easily manipulated by two workers and is the preferred wood processing equipment for gumwood, birch wood, black walnut, red oak and other kinds of wood.

This veneer peeling machine can continue to peel the log that has been peeled by the single spindle veneer lathe, or directly work with peeled log with small diameter (diameter ≤ 450mm) into veneer (thickness range from 0.5 to 3.6mm); it can effectively control the peeler core to have diameter no larger than 35mm to maximize its use ratio. When the thickness is about 2.40 mm, the tolerance can be controlled within ±0.06mm.The advanced numerical control system can make the Spindle less Veneer Lather (Spindle Less Rotary Machine) as precise as the Single Spindle Veneer Lather.





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