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Veneer Press Dryer
    Publish time 2017-09-07 16:54    

This innovative press type veneer dryer is uniquely designed by our technical department based on years of production experience. This woodworking machinery is applicable for the moisturizing, drying and flattening of veneers; it can generate veneers characterized by good flatness and small shrinking percentage.



1. Our veneer dryer has low power consumption and small floor space; it can be used in small and medium plywood factory to dry the core veneer.

2. This veneer drying machine allows automatic and programmable control, saving manual operation.

3. Equipped with synchronous closing device, this press dryer can ensure the top layer and the bottom layer have the same moisture content.

4. The slotting design on the hot platen is conductive to the elimination of steam, accelerating the drying process.



Main Technical Data



Nominal total pressure

50 Ton

Rated oil pressure

24.5 Mpa

Size of hot platen(LxWxH)

2700x1370x42 mm (Surface with slots)

Interval between hot platen

60 mm

Number of hot platen

16 Pieces

Number of layer


Cylinder diameter

4 - ø 125 mm

Stroke of cylinder

900 mm

Total power

16 Kw

Control Panel

PLC with touch screen


4300x1370x3000 mm

Net weight

26 Ton


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