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Australia Client for Glue Spreader
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Australia Client for Glue Spreader

Australia Client for Glue Spreader


  4-roller glue spreader with customized length of 2800mm

Customer requirement

Our client from Australia needed a glue spreader with longer roller of 2800mm (the regular length is 2700mm) to expand the production.


  This partner is located in Brisbane, Australia. He learned some Chinese suppliers including us via the Internet and came to China to have a site visit. After investigating us in Shanghai and several other suppliers in Shandong Province, he finally chose us because of our innovative and reasonable product structure. Superior to the ordinary chain type structure that is complex and hard to maintain or repair, our shapely glue spreader consists of a gearbox and a universal joint transmission. Moreover, we had a smooth communication and our customization service can meet all of his special requirements, such as longer roller length, higher overall height, separated control box, specially threaded upper and lower rubber rollers, changed motor voltage, etc. We shipped the customized equipment within 50 days after receiving the order; and we received a letter of acknowledgment from our client five months later. It reads as follows:

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